I think I just lost someone this month…

You know there is a saying you can’t lose someone you’ve never had I’d like to think I did at one point. In my case, it is someone I love deeply, a family member, a cousin of mine – all due to lies. It’s a long story guys, I feel disconnected and outcasted by family – betrayed in a way that many would go out of their way to separate her and I. All I can ask myself is why? If only she knew the truth and that I would never do and or say anything that would bring her any sort of pain. I wish I could show her the emails and the messages that nothing bad was ever said. But it seems that she so blindly believes people just by words…without actual fact. I have gotten to the point where I have given up on her and just hope that one day she will see or be told the truth ( I hope that the family that was involved in separatingĀ her and I has compassion enough to tell her the truth) and we can come together once again – she kept me company through a very difficult time of my life and I think I kept her company through a very difficult period of hers too. I am set to go see her on Sunday but I don’t think I will go, for I feel there is no point – if her heart has shut me out…

Have you ever experienced something like this?

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